Stand Out From the Crowd!

Our Partner Program is designed to create a long term win-win relationships between our companies. We have deliberately removed all barriers to entry with the only commitment being displaying our logo and supplied verbiage with a link back to our site.

Our Partner Program can enhance your value proposition in the following manner:

  • Transformational Tools and Services – Immediately expand your delivery capabilities by adding the Institute’s tools and services to your service delivery portfolio.
  • Brand and Reputation – Leverage our brand and reputation as trusted advisory in attracting new clients. Or enhance the relationship with existing clients.
  • Vendor Neutrality and Impartiality – The Institute is not associated with any vendor or technology provider.  As a result, you can be assured of an unbiased approach rooted in Digital “best practices.”
  • Custom Messaging – Leverage unique content created by The Institute or one of a dozen Institute Fellows (Industry Experts) with existing or potential clients

The terms of the agreement are quite simple:

CommitmentOne year contract with automatic renewals. Either party may give 30 days notice.
RequirementsMust display the Institute's logo and supplied verbiage, with a link back to our site.
Startup FeesNone
DiscountThirty percent (30%) of retail prices.
ClientsPartner owns all client relationships. Institute will only interact with them during delivery of our service.
Pre-Sales SupportPriority response for your client questions.
Virtual meeting with your client upon request.
DeliveryInstitute will delivery all our services,
Post-Sales SupportFor as long as you are an active partner.
Branding and MarketingInstitute will supply marketing materials for your co-branding.


Is this a USA only based service?

No, all services are delivered electronically and available globally. However, English is the only available language.

Suppose I want a service delivered locally?

Some services are available to be delivered locally for an additional fee.

Can I brand your services as my own?

No. But all services can (and should) be co-branded. We believe that value of our services are derived from our Brand, Reputation and Vendor Neutrality.

What happens if my client decides to purchase directly from The Institute?

If you have registered your client with us, we will pay you a 30% sales commission.

What is the cost of becoming a Partner?

There are no start-up or up-front costs to becoming a Partner. All that is involved is a simple 3 page agreement.

What are the on-going costs?

None. Pre and Post Sales support is provide free as long as you are a Partner. Cost will only be incurred when you contract for a service.

How do I Signup?

We feel that the best approach is to have a live conversation. Please use the form below to schedule a video call. We look forward to working together.

We use ZOOM for appointments.
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