Research Project

In addition to our ongoing research, The Institute accepts a limited number of Research projects on Digital Transformation topics. Led by our Chief Scientist, Dr. Frank Granito, a typical research project includes:

  • Developing the research topic or question you wish to investigate
  • Designing the instrument to gather the data
  • Acquiring a population that meets your specific needs
  • Collecting responses to achieve a specified margin of error
  • Objectively interpreting the data to answer the research topic
  • Production and delivery of a final report
  • Briefing to review the findings

Research projects can either be quantitative or qualitative based on your research topic.

Quantitative: Results expressed in numbers and graphs and used to test or confirm assumptions.

Qualitative: Results expressed in words and used to gather in-depth insights on topics that are not well understood.

Each project is unique based on variables such as required number of questions, number of respondents, levels, industries, and timing (single interval or a period of time). Contact us to discuss your research topic and what you are looking to discover.

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