The Digital Transformation Manifesto Live Event was held on June 8, 2022 at noon EDT with the four authors of the Manifesto: Jessica Carroll, Hans Gillior, Ray Sheen, and John Thorp.

For the last few years, the term Digital Transformation has become “cool”. Organizations believe they need to have a Digital Transformation, or they will be viewed as out-of-date and lose the competitive edge. What is Digital Transformation?

In an effort to eliminate some of the confusion surrounding Digital Transformation, the Fellows of the Institute for Digital Transformation have created the Digital Transformation Manifesto. This document is the first step in a larger effort to involve industry experts in creating a commonly recognized set of tenets that defines Digital Transformation. These tenets are not a “how-to” of Digital Transformation, rather they are a collective of beliefs and guiding principles for an environment that can drive and sustain a transformative organization, supported by technology.

After watching the video, we hope you will add your signature to the growing list Digital Leaders who have already signed. And maybe volunteer to be part of the work-group that will be creating the everyday guides and metrics supporting the DT Manifest.

>For more information about each of the tenets in the Manifesto, read the 8 part series by author Ray Sheen starting with Proactively Embrace Change.

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