Why advertise on our site?

Targeted Audience

We serve three inter-related, but distinct audiences all of whom have a business interest in Digital Transformation:

  • Individual Digital Leaders
  • Enterprise Business Executives
  • Technology B2B Provider Executives

Social Reach

The social accounts (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) of the Institute and our Institute Fellows reach over 100K business executives. All of whom have urgent business needs related to Digital Transformation.

Global Recognition

Although headquartered in the USA, the Institute is know around the world. Many of the articles in the Journal of Digital Transformation deal with transformation issues faced in other countries. In addition, over a third of our Institute Fellows are located outside of the USA.

The table of the right shows visitors to our site from around the globe.

This international presence is reflected in our MOZ Domain Authority of 41.


Ways to Deliver YOUR Message to Our Followers

First: Ad placement in a specific post

Find a post that you feel is relevant to your business or service. We will place a Leaderboard (728 x 90) ad in that specific post after the 3rd paragraph. (Sample below) This includes a “dofollow” link to a specific page on your website. There will be only one Leaderboard ad in any post at one time.

Two Months:       $100
Six Months:         $200 (2 months FREE)
One Year:            $300 (6 months FREE)

Second: Customer/Institute written post

Your post is subject to the same editorial criteria applied to posts, meaning it must be relevant to our theme of Digital Transformation and present a viewpoint or opinion. It cannot be pure advertising. Download a copy of the Author’s Guide for more information. Your post will appear in the Journal of Digital Transformation with a “dofollow” link to a specific page on your website.

The post will remain permanently, but the “dofollow” link will expire based on the option you choose below:

Six Months:      $250
Permanent:      $500

The Institute or an Institute Fellow will create a custom post based on your input:  $500 additional.

Third: Newsletter

We produce a newsletter on a weekly basis. We will place a Leaderboard (728 x 90) ad including a “dofollow” link to a specific page on your website in the middle of the newsletter.

One issue:          $75
Two issues:      $100


All posts with a new ad, customer written posts, or sponsored posts will receive the following distribution:

  • One of 3 most recent posts on our homepage
  • Posted on our LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram company pages
  • Shared (with different text) a minimum of 5 times across company social media accounts
  • Mention in our Newsletter as one of the feature posts
  • Shared by Institute Fellows to their social networks


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