Dr. Dobrica (Dobie) Savić – Institute Fellow

by The Institute | Feb 9, 2023

Hillsborough, NJ, February 8, 2023 – The Institute for Digital Transformation is pleased welcome Dr. Dobrica (Dobie) Savić as an Institute Fellow.

Dobie has 40 years of experience in information and knowledge management within various United Nations organizations, including UNV, UNESCO, the World Bank, ICAO, and the IAEA. He holds a Doctorate degree from Middlesex University in London, an MPhil degree in Library and Information Science from Loughborough University, UK, an MA in International Relations from the University of Belgrade, Serbia, as well as a Graduate Diploma in Public Administration from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.

Dobie has authored or contributed to a dozen books, published over 60 articles, and presented at many professional conferences. He is a lecturer in information and knowledge management, a member of the editorial boards of several leading international journals in the area of information and knowledge management, and an active member of various governing boards. In recognition of his contributions to advancements in grey literature management, Dobie was the recipient of the GreyNet Award in 2017.

His main interests include digital transformation, information and knowledge management, new opportunities offered by AI, grey literature, creativity, and innovation.

My motivation to become a Fellow of the Institute stems from four key areas:

    1. Exposure to innovative ideas: The field of digital transformation is constantly evolving and offers a diverse array of perspectives and approaches, depending on the needs and circumstances of each organization. By joining a community of DX enthusiasts, I am able to learn and stay up-to-date with the latest ideas and best practices.
    2. Linking knowledge management and digital transformation: I have a deep passion for knowledge management (KM) and its role in digital transformation. KM enables organizations to make better use of their knowledge, leveraging technology and information to improve business processes and decision-making.
    3. Networking opportunities: Becoming a fellow presents a unique chance to connect with other professionals in the digital transformation field, expanding my network and building meaningful relationships.
    4. Continuous learning: The adage that “learning never stops” is a mantra I live by. It’s important to continuously challenge our beliefs, knowledge and even biases. The Institute for Digital Transformation provides ample opportunities for continuous learning, through exposure to new ideas, connecting with like-minded individuals, and pursuing constant reading and writing.

Dr. Savić contributed his first article (Impact of Digital Transformation on the Future of Library Work) to the Institute as a Guest Author back in May, 2021. We are pleased to have him join the Institute as one of our Fellows and look forward to his unique leadership and collaboration ideas.


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