The IT Transformation Institute formally endorses the Service Management Congress and its Call to Action

The IT Transformation Institute has long called for a fundamental shift in the manner in which the IT industry operates and in how we are preparing IT professionals for this future. A little over a week ago, at itSMF USA’s and HDI’s joint Fusion 13 Conference, an initiative was launched which echoes this call.

There, a group of twenty-one industry leaders, including ITTI founder & CEO, Charles Araujo, came together and formed what is now being called The Service Management Congress. They issued a “Call to Action” that states that “our industry has become stagnated by a systemic and fundamentally broken set of attitudes and behaviors.” It goes on to call for all IT professionals to commit to fundamentally change the way in which we operate so that we can “fulfill our essential duty to provide value to our organizations and customers.”

This simple, yet powerful Call to Action is very much in line with ITTI’s mission. We believe that all IT leaders and professionals should take the time to understand it and decide how they will respond.

We encourage everyone to visit and read the Call to Action. Major change is taking place in the industry and you need to decide where you stand. If you agree, sign the Call to Action and help promote this vital cause.

The IT Transformation Institute is proud to be one of the first organizations to endorse the Service Management Congress and their Call to Action. We pledge to promote it as well as to strive to embody the core principles it espouses.

Let’s change the world of IT together!