Larry Quinlan

Global CIO of Deloitte

Larry Quinlan discusses how big of an impact can a mentor have on your career. According to Larry , a mentor has the potential to completely shape (or reshape) it. In this episode of the Transform IT Show, Larry explains the important role that mentors have played in his career, the importance of a network, the best way to approach getting your own mentor and why it’s so important in the rapidly evolving world of IT.

About The TransformIT Show

Each episode explores the questions:

What does the future hold for IT organizations?
And what will that mean for their future leaders?

Host Charles Araujo interviews business executives, IT leaders, futurists and industry experts to understand how their career and experiences shed light on what the future holds for business and the IT organizations that power them. Most importantly, our guests share their advice for all future leaders about how to survive and thrive in the Digital Era.

NOTE:  Shows were filmed when we were know as the IT Transformation Institute. The series is available on our YouTube channel.

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